Herbie Hancock

"Kristjan is a dazzling piano player"

"The bandleader is a pillar of stability. He clearly is capable of breathtaking displays of technique and showmanship, but employs challenging runs with a noble conservatism." 

"Absence, Randalu's ECM debut, ricochets its motifs and dark, rhythmic overtones with a singular sense of structure and improvisation."


"The Estonian pianist Kristjan Randalu establishes himself as part of an elite group of specifically European jazz musicians. Randalu is at once a tightrope walker and a precision mechanic, an equilibrist and a thimblerigger, but also a committed swinger who can bite into ostinato figures. His ability to play dissonances against the established harmony is wonderfully bold. He cuts through strings of harmonic beads, and makes his notes suddenly cavort with a new set of rules." 

"Randalu’s always melodic, ever exploring style is a delight"

"Absence is a fiery and coherent trio production from the first to the last note."

"Randalu plays single notes and chords like heavy raindrops, shimmering arpeggios like drizzle, and chains of motifs which become melodies and delicate structures. An exceptional pianist."

"A magnificent recording!"

"Randalu brings a bright Chick Corea touch" 

"This is dynamically and energetically fine-tuned chamber jazz allowing itself outings into sinister spheres of sounds."

"If it is the ultimate compliment to suggest an improvising pianist is playing in a Keith Jarrett manner, then Kristjan Randalu can begin celebrating."

"At once timeless and casually spectacular, demanding and entertaining on the highest level."

"The visceral excitement and engrossing interplay captured on this duet CD argue for a place in the top rank of jazz innovators. (...) Standards are playfully warped and refracted, while folksongs are carried off to some un-nameable, exotic land. It’s a thrilling ride."